Upper Gold

Upper Gold
Class: II,IV Length: ~12-30km
Location: Chester Basin NS Character: Gorge, Constricted, Flatwater, Remote
Gauge: 40mm+ rainfall in New Ross Contributor: Karl Vollmer


This is a relatively remote run, and also a long one with some of the more significant rapids early on in the day. Risk assesments should be done as such. There is also spotty cell phone coverage, and even if you could reach help it there are no roads, and very limited quad trails to evacuate if needed.

Named Rapids

Skerry Falls

First rapid, run right, at high water don’t go too far right or you might pin on right above the falls

Salmon Falls

Always go left along the far river left side, the main channel has two dangerous undercuts

Salmon Falls Gorge

Strait shot

Big water split

Right branch, and stay right as there are some big holes.



Glengarry Rd

The put in is actually a nearly one km walk down an old abandoned road. Park at the base of the hill where it turns up towards the end of Glengarry rd. There will be an old overgrown road there. Walk down that and then when you feel like it bush-wack down to the Lake. You can also put in at the top of the lake, but that adds about an hour or more of flatwater to the day.


Beachhill Country Rd.

The shortest take out option is to paddle up into the swamp where the road meets the small stream, and then hike up the hill. This road is extremely poor, and should only be driven by high clearance 4x4 trucks. SUV’s are not sufficient. This take out creates about a 3-4 hour run with time for shuttle, the take out itself is sometimes hard to see

You can also take out at the normal gorge run takeout, but that’s about 8+ hours of paddling.


The gold river doesn’t have a gauge, so levels have to be guessed from rainfall, and general moisture in the ground. The water-source for the gold is up in New Ross so rainfall amounts in Kentville/New Ross can be used as an estimate. Usually 24-48 hours after heavy rain in Kentville the gold gorge will be up.