S Point break, S Beach break
Class: SURF Length: Park’n’Play Gauge: Magic Seaweed
Location: Lawrencetown, NS Character: Surf Contributions: Karl Vollmer


Lawrencetown’s point break has a few very nasty Riptides, especially on the ebb tide. If you find yourself caught in one of the rip tides swim, or paddle horizontally. I’ve personally been involved in the rescue of multiple people caught in these rips, so they should be taken very seriously. There are no sharp rocks, but at lower tide the waves can break against the rocks, which if you’ve flipped can result in some helmet/rock interaction.


The best access for the point break is parking at what we call the “Stony Beach” parking lot, this is the parking lot before the hill to the Teahouse. This is not the parking lot with all of the buildings. At high tide you can put in right in front of the parking lot, at lower tides you may have to walk towards the point a bit.

Break Information

There are two primary breaks we surf, the best one is the point break, it’s also the bigger of the two. The point break lines up with the two windows at the top of the Tea House, which is the building on top of the bluff. There is another point break to surfers right if you position yourself about half-way out in relation to the second point this is where most of mid-sized waves break. The break-point changes based on surf conditions and directions. This break is best on a south swell.

Other Information

The point break is frequented by Board Surfers, we’ve so far maintained a very good relaitonship with them. Please maintain it, and follow the basic rules of surfing. If you run into trouble keep your cool and apologize, also explain how you catch waves, and figure out a way to not interfere with the surfers. Often I just start surfing the foam-pile, letting the surfers take the majority of the shoulder rides.