Sambro Creek

Short creeky run in flashy low volume stream
Class: III/IV Length: Park’n’Creek
Location: Sambro, NS Character: Short creeky, low volume


This stream is very shallow, even when in full flood so there is a significant chance for rock contact if you capsize. It is only runnable during extreme rain events, as such it is very likely that wood and or debris have washed down and created strainers. There are also points along the run that often have rope tied between the shorelines, depending on the water level the rope may not be visible in a hole or wave. The entire run should be scouted before attempting.


This very short run can be accessed via walking trail along the side of the road. There is enough space for two to three cars to park in a small gravel lot at the trailhead.


This seems runable when the Sackville is at 1.75 or higher.