Indian Falls

Indian Falls provincial park
Class: IV Length: Park’n’Huck
Location: Indian Falls provincial park Character: 15ft waterfall
Gauge: Water Gauge Contributor: Karl Vollmer


The entire River middle to river left section of the falls has exposed rock, and an unfriendly ledge at the base. In addition to the unfriendly entry there is a small pocket that a kayaker could easily get trapped in at the base of the falls, during the summer at lower water swimmers get stuck in the pocket eddy. At high water it may be possible to exit without external aid. Shore safety including live bait is highly recommended when running this drop.

The drop should be run river right along the slide with some lateral momentum to avoid getting pushed into the small eddy pocket on river left


During the open season you can park your car at the parking lot less than 200m from the falls and walk in. During the off season, when the levels are likely to be sufficient for running the falls the gate to the park will be closed, so you will have to carry your boat about 500m down the road to access the falls. There is limited parking in front of the gate, room enough for 2-3 vehicles at most.


use the Lahave River Gauge. It is runnable above 2.1m