Cooks Falls

Multiple ledge drop river
Class: II/III Length: Park’n’Play
Location: Bridgewater, NS Character: Multiple ledge drop
Gauge: Water Gauge Contributor: Karl Vollmer


Cooks falls is a series of Ledges in close proximity. The primary hazards are holes on each ledge, and fishing gear on River Left during the fishing season. This rapid is easily scouted by parking in the parking lot and walking up and down the shore. At the levels we’ve observed river right has always been a safe path down. At higher levels a large hole appears on river left that looks retentive, and should be avoided.

The primary risk in cooks falls are the rocks in the bottom, it’s often shallow and on river right the final drop is deep but a large shallow rock is a few feet downstream, so if possible being upside-down should be avoided.


You can park your car in a parking lot across from Here. There is a slippery path down to the water there. There is a second area just above the falls that isn’t technically a parking lot, but you can drive up and drop the boats there to avoid the carry.


use the Lehave River Gauge. Its runnable above 1.3m with some scraping.