Roseway River

Roseway River Run
Class: River Run Length: 5km
Location: Shelburn NS Character: Pool Drop
Gauge: Hydrometric Contributor: Matt Delong, Karl Vollmer


There are the remains of an old concrete structre just past Best Drop, especially at lower water levels, or when swimming these can present a hazard. Scouting is recommended.

After the cottage wave there is a Hydro dam that must be portaged around. make sure to give yourself ample time to exit the river before getting too close.

Below the powerline rapids there is often significant wood, and trees in the river so make sure to scout all blind corners before continuing.



196 Bowers Rd make sure that you don’t block the small rural road with your vehicle, or park on someones lawn.


98 lighthouse rd

Named Rapids

Bowers Run II/III-

Just after the put in, this short rapid leads up to best drop, you can safely takes this on river right, with plenty of space for eddy turns, at higher water levels you can increase the complexity of this rapid by attempting to duck’n’weave through the larger boulders river center and river left.

Best Drop III-

Should be scouted, high water there’s a sneak route river left that becomes sketchy as water level drops. Main chute can be easily run strait center line or right a river-right lateral movement to jump into the eddy just below the falls.

Mill rapids II/III-

Nearly no consequence this small series of ledge drops of no more than a foot or two can be run almost any way river right of center, however above the last ledge you can practice a thread the needle by starting left, cliping the top wave and then catching the current towards river center / river right.

Cottage Wave II/III- (Park’n’Play)

This rapid is around a corner where the river drops over a smooth nearly river wide rock, it does create a small recirculation at the bottom of the rock, this has never proven to be highly retentive, but it can hold a boat for 1-2 seconds after capsize at lower levels, it’s easy to boof over, and at higher levels starts to turn into more of a wave and less of a hole.

Power line II

After Cottage wave you must take out before the NSPower Hydro dam, you can take out river left above it and walk around it. Putting in below it there is a small play wave river centre, it can be accessed via the eddy on river left via the very long seem, it can sometimes require a bit of practice to ride the seem all the way back to the centre of the river, this rapid continues until the Highway 103 Bridge. below the Dam the river will fork you want to take the far right channel first.

Stairway II

The rapids after the HW103 bridge, the river will fork just past the bridge, take the far left. There are sometimes small surfable waves with eddy access along this route, water level dependent, just keep your eye out and catch them as you can, none of them are road accessible and thus not listed as park’n’play, they are also primarily front-surfing only.

Harbour rapids II

Just before the Harbour the river will branch again into three sections, we take the centre branch as it has the most water, but there has at times been logs, or trees across this last section as it’s littered with rocks, so care should be taken and blind corners should be scouted especially after any flood events, or significant water level drops which may uncover previously submerged logs. This rapid is a series of wave trains, small drops and minor manoeuvring.


There is a water level gauge on the river Roseway River.