Subdivision point break

Class: SURF Length: Park’n’Play
Location: Seaforth NS Character: Sheltered SE Point Break
Gauge: Surf Forecast Contributor: Karl Vollmer


This is a remote point, that requires you to walk and then paddle out to. There is very limited visibility from the road / other houses, so if you do get in trouble it is unlikely that anyone will see you. In a short boat the swim can be 20-30min from the break back to shore. There are a few rips, and they change based on the wave direction, however the consistent one is surfers right of the point. This rip can extend quite a ways out, past the initial break.


The point break can be accessed via a local trail along side the road. This is a narrow road, and there are houses along it so make sure that you park as far to the side as possible so that you don’t block the road. We currently have a good relationship with the locals, don’t spoil it.


The secondary break at the point usually only goes off on larger swell days, it has good shelter from the west wind. Check here when the waves are at least 2m+ as reported at lawrencetown.