North Branch

rural river run, below Indian lake
Class: II+ Length: 8km
Location: New Germany/Barss Corner Character: Gentle, remote, river-run
Gauge: Water Guage Contributor: Karl Vollmer, Christopher Ball


At lower water this is a friendly river with only one rapid requiring some maneuvering, however at flood levels the river flows into the trees, and there are often trees that fall across the river creating significant hazards. Extra Care should be taken if it hasn’t been run in a while, or right after, or during flood levels. Scouting of blind corners should always be done. This river is also relatively remote, as there are few cottages along it’s banks, limiting access to help.


Put-In – Full Run

Cornwall Rd Put in at the bridge, there is no parking available here, the private land owner who owns the driveway doesn’t mind if you put your boat in, but do not leave your car here.

Put-In/Take Out

Half Run McKay Bridge. There is a larger shoulder here to park one vehicle, you can either put in or take out here

Take Out

Full Run McKeen Rd. There is plenty of room for 2-3 vehicles here. The take out is at a large tree with a rope swing.

Named Rapids

Salmon Chute

The first drop of note on this run and should always be scouted. It currently has some sweepers just around the corner after the drop so care should be taken if you swim, to swim away from the sweepers. You can usually eddy out river right if you’re quick. This all changes when the river is in flood. After Salmon Chute there are a series of Class I / II Rapids before you come to McKay Bridge.

Just before McKay Bridge the river flattens out and has multiple paths. The first ledge after McKay Bridge has some fun play features at non-flood levels. After the ledges at Mackay”s bridge, there is a slow moving section that leads into Cabin Drop

Cabin Drop

Cabin Drop (fancy’s pool), which should be scouted to make sure it is still clear of debris is a strait-forward rapid. It is a center river smooth drop with fun pools and play waves below. There is a sneak route on the right if you want to avoid the larger waves. After Cabin drop there are a few Class 0/1 rapids before coming to the next named one.

Black Rattle

This rapid is hard to scout due to the treeline and comes up rather quickly as you are coming around a bend to the right. You go first river right over the first drop, but then immediately get river left, then center for the last part of the run. This is definitely the most fun run on the river, and takes some skill to line up as you can’t just let the river take you or you’ll be over some big ledges. When the water is high, the standing waves at the bottom are big. There are several places you can eddy out and play, but the current is strong when the water is high.

After Black Rattle the remaining river is Class 0/1 all the way to the take out.