Lantz Falls

Park’n’Huck, Creek
Class: IV+ Length: Park’n’Huck, Creek
Location: Lake William Character: Creek
Gauge: Weather forecast Contributor: Lukas Dee

General Description

Lantz Falls is the only known rapid on Solomon Brook between the communities of Lake William and Farmington. Where the road crosses the brook, a small rapid begins to form and leads into a 90 degree turn. After the turn a “Fast and Furious” style slide with a few diagonal waves leads into a 10 foot drop. At the bottom of the drop is a deep pool that is followed by slow moving current. The slide is the most important part of the rapid as it 

will either make or break you before going over the drop. Careful scouting is needed to hit the line. The drop can be run from river center to river right. On river left the water slams into a rock wall and would make for a very unpleasant experience. 


Setting safety is only possible after the drop, meaning any mistakes before will likely end up hurting. Safety is easy to set up by the pool after the drop, although it requires climbing down a steep embankment which could also cause some problems in case of an evacuation. Good communication and a solid plan in case of emergency is highly recommended before running the drop. 

Wood and strainers are also very likely as the brook is only about 3-4 meters wide in most places.


Park alongside the road. Lantz Falls is located 50 meters downstream and can be heard from the road. PUT IN

Park along the the road


There is no gauge for Lantz Falls, or Solomon Brook. This feature will only run after large rain events. If the Lahave River gauge is showing an increase in the river level of 0.75 meters or more in the span of one day, Lantz falls is likely runnable.