Halifax Area

Halifax Regional Municipality, not including Musquodboit

Halifax/Dartmouth are the population centers for Nova Scotia, the major hospitals are located in this area as well as significant SAR/Coastguard resources. Most locations are surrounded by public property, so please be respectful when visiting, and park in such a way that you don’t imped the local residents or create a safety hazard.

Area Character Location Level/Gauge Info
Subdivision SE Point Break Seaforth Surf Forecast
Ranger Danger Tidal, Surfwave, Hole Grand Desert, NS Tidal Source
Sackville Low Volume, Gun range Sackville Water Gauge
Seaforth ESE Beach Break Seaforth Surf Forecast
Sambro Creek Short creek run, low volume Sambro Water Gauge
Lawrencetown S Point break, S beach break Lawrencetown Surf Forecast
Cow Bay River Tidal, Surf wave Cow Bay

Cow Bay River

Park’n’Play surf wave


S Point break, S Beach break

Ranger Danger

Small surfwave next to a causeway

Sackville River

Low volume river run

Sambro Creek

Short creeky run in flashy low volume stream


ESE Beach break surf spot