Gold Gorge

Gold gorge
Class: II,IV Length: ~2km
Location: Chester Basin NS Character: Gorge, Constricted
Gauge: 40mm+ rainfall in New Ross Contributor: Karl Vollmer


The top two rapids have very deep pools under them, which do technically have under-cuts, at high water levels they should be four to five feet below the water level, and less of a concern, but they do exist. There are also minimal places to rescue, or get out of the river after the top drop until the very end of the gorge – making for a very long and rough swim if you capsize early.



Beech Hill Rd. There is a small pull-off and a path down to the water here. This puts you in above all of the main rapids, you can paddle down and then eddy out right right to scout the gorge before running it.


Old bridge Rd. This road is easy to miss so slow down as you approach, there is room for 3-4 cars at the bottom in a small parking lot.


The gold river doesn’t have a gauge, so levels have to be guessed from rainfall, and general moisture in the ground. The water-source for the gold is up in New Ross so rainfall amounts in Kentville/New Ross can be used as an estimate. Usually 24-48 hours after heavy rain in Kentville the gold gorge will be up.