Ovens Tidal Race

Mid-bay small tidal race
Class: SURF Length: Park’n’Play
Location: Lunenburg NS Character: Small Tiderace
Gauge: Tidal Contributor: Karl Vollmer, Simon Barter

Tidal race next to Corkums Island is surfable in a longboat just south of Lunenburg on the way to the Ovens Natural Park. The wave forms about halfway through the tide, and works on mid to spring tides. The small wave can be surfed by sea kayaks on the south side of the rock that splits the channel indicated by the location. The Blue Arrow is the direction of the current on the flood and points to the location with small standing wave.


This is a very low risk tidal race that happens on the flood tide. If you swim it flushes to calm water inland. In the tide race the water is shallow so a helmet is a must and a tough paddle is recommended as you may hit some rocks.



Next to Garrets Cove where the water is right next to the road provides the best access to this feature.


Shortly after the tide starts coming in the waves should start forming up.