Park’n’Huck, River run
Class: I - III Length: 15km
Location: Maitland Bridge, Keji national park Character: Park’n’Huck / River run
Gauge: Hydrometric Contributor: Lukas Dee

General Description

The Mersey is a beautiful low volume river that flows through Kejimkujik National Park. The most run section is in the park but there are multiple sections above the park, some of which still need to be explored. Some stretches of river are quite remote, others closer to a road. The mersey is a very beginner friendly river run. All rapids can easily be scouted, and there are flat pools or slow moving water between them. Playboats are not recommended for the sections above Keji, as there are long flats and at least one small lake to cross


The Mersey isn’t run very often, and being quite narrow it is very susceptible to sweepers blocking all or parts of the river. In the national park trees aren’t removed from the river, so there will always be wood somewhere. If unsure, please scout blind corners. There are also some ropes and cables that cross the river in the park, they are often hard to spot.

Named Rapids

DukeShire’s Rapid:

After multiple small rips throughout Four Mile Stillwater, a narrow boulder garden will bring an abrupt end to the stillwater. This boulder garden is continuous, and over 250 meters so the end is not visible from the top. At a water level that is above 15㎥/s this rapid will be fast, and stopping throughout will be difficult. A swim at medium to high water can also be consequential. The rapid ends in a flat water pool.

Chalet Rapid:

After crossing Dukeshire’s Flatwater the Mersey River Chalets will come into view. Similar to Dukeshire’s, Chalet rapid is longer (approximately 150 meters) and ends in stillwater, in this case it being Harry Lake. The crux of the rapid is where the most elevation is lost within two ledges that are close together. These ledges can be boat scouted by catching an eddy on river right between the two. This can become a difficult move to make the higher the water is.

Kempton Falls:

It is quite funny that Kempton Falls got its own name, as it is just another small drop in  a series of many class I and II rapids following Harry Lake. All these rapids, including Kempton Falls are easily boat scouted, although care should be taken with regard to wood and strainers in the river here. With higher water levels, this section will become fast, the stills won’t be as still, and some spots might become more consequential.

Mill Falls:

Just after passing the Keji Information Center Mill Falls appears as a big and loud horizon line. It is the largest and most technical drop on the river. Multiple small ledges lead into the main drop where the river drops into a slot between two large ledges which creates a very abrupt and narrow zig-zag. The water pushes hard into the river left wall, where the jagged rocks should be avoided at all cost. A manky sneak line becomes available at higher water. It is a small chute on the river right side of the zig-zag. The rapid can easily be scouted and/or portaged on the trails located on either side of the river.

The Ledges:

The pool that Mill Falls ends in, leads directly into the next rapid, The Ledges. Here the river flows over a series of small ledges. The first few ledges stretch across the entire river and are perpendicular to the flow. The following ledges are more broken up, jagged, and random in direction. They can easily be scouted from the footbridge that crosses the river here. Portaging is easiest on river left.


The access points listed here can be used as both put-ins and take-outs depending on where, and how long of a run you are planning on doing.

Four Mile Still Water:

Google Map Link A small parking lot and picnic area is set up here and is perfect for bringing boats down to the water. Vehicles are best brought back up to the parking lot so that the area by the water isn’t blocked in.

Mersey River Chalets:

Google Map Link The Mersey River Chalets are a private set of cabins and campground along a short section of whitewater which connects Dukeshire’s Stillwater and Harry Lake. This is a private business so if you are not staying here you will likely not be able to launch boats here. In case of emergencies or iced over lakes this is a great mid run exit point though.

Maitland Bridge:

Google Map Link The next access point is the NS Trunk 8 Bridge in Maitland Bridge. This is the last access to the river before it flows into Keji National Park. The shoulder of the road is wide here, but please still make sure to pull far enough off to the side next to the bridge. Getting in and out is best done on the downstream side of the bridge on river right.


There are multiple access points in the park. Park access will need to be purchased during summer and shoulder seasons. During winter the gates are usually open but not the entire road is plowed, so expect to be limited on access options. There are hiking and biking trails along the river throughout the entire section in the park. Listed below are all access points where there is available parking (From the most upstream to most downstream).

  • Park access point 1 is located at the Information Center just after the park entrance booth. This is located above the biggest drop, Mill Falls.

  • Park access point 2 is at the Mill Falls pool. From here both Mill Falls and The Ledges can easily be scouted, and run or portaged depending on skill level and type of craft. 

  • Park access point 3 is located at the First Pull Off just off the Kejimkujik Main Parkway.

  • Park access point 4 is located at the Second Pull Off just off the Kejimkujik Main Parkway.

  • Park access point 5 is located at the Third Pull Off just off the Kejimkujik Main Parkway. 

  • Park access point 6 is located at the Fourth Pull Off just off the Kejimkujik Main Parkway. 

  • Park access point 7 is at the bridge on Jeremy’s Bay Campground Rd. Taking out here is easiest upstream of the bridge on river right. Parking is available a few hundred meters further down the road at intersection with Big Dam Rd. 

  • Park access point 8 is just a little further down at the Mersey River Trailhead. If the road is plowed this is a better option than access point 7 as it is just a little further down stream, getting out is easier than at the bridge, and parking is available right at the takeout. 

  • Park access point 9 is at Jake’s Landing. Ample parking space is available, and Whynot adventures have slipways to launch canoes from. Please be courteous of the business taking place on the docks and slipways.  


The Mersey River Gauge is located just below Mill Falls in Keji. Anything below 1.0m is likely too low to run. The more water, the better the features will become. That is especially true for the sections above the park.