Argyle River

Tidal river, near yarmouth
Class: II Length: Park’n’Play
Location: Gleenwood, NS Character: Tidal feature
Gauge: Yarmouth Tides Contributor: Matt Delong


As this feature is run on the ebb there is some risk of being flushed out into lobster bay, however there are numerous islands / locations to get off the water as you are flushed out. Proper group rescue skills and incident management should mitigate most if not all flushing risks. The feature only works as the water is starting to get shallow so there is some risk of hitting rocks near the eddy line on river left. If you paddle above the bridge pillars there is also potentially a significant risk of pinning especially in a sea kayak – due to it’s length. Care should be taken to avoid pin risks, and a pin kit should be available, and multiple group members should be comfortable with it’s use. Either eddy (especially river right) provides ample opportunity to exit the flow if swimming for experienced swimmers, but should not be depended upon.


Eddy access to the feature is best from river right however the preferred parking location is on the west side at the end of old oak road. As always please be respectful of the location and make sure not to obstruct the road or damage the surrounding property.


The feature forms during spring tides, the low tide level must be below 0.6m as measured from Yarmouth. The wave forms on the ebb ~3.5 hours after high tide in Yarmouth.