South Shore

The South Shore stretches from Lunenburg Area down to Shelburne. There are hospitals in Shelburne, Lunenburg, Liverpool and Bridgewater. SAR resources may be further away but Coast Guard response should be similar to Halifax Area.

  Area Character Location Level/Gauge Info
  Ovens Tidal Race Small Tidalrace Lunenburg NS Flood Tide
Cooks Falls Multiple Ledge Drop Bridgewater NS Water Gauge
Indian Falls 15ft Waterfall Lunenburg NS Water Gauge
North River Creek New Germany Water Gauge
North Branch Lahave Gentle remote river run New Germany/Barss Corner Water Gauge
Gold Gorge Gorge, Constricted Chester basin NS Weather Forecast
Medway Remote, Pool Drop Greenfield NS Water Gauge
Roseway Urban River Run Shelburne NS Water Gauge
  Tom Tigney Creek Shelburne NS Weather Forecast
  Argyle River Tide Race Gleenwood NS Yarmouth Tides